Pooja Hegde's Family

Pooja Hegde was born and raised in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She was born and raised in Mumbai, as were her parents Manjunath Hegde and Latha Hegde. The family originates from Mangalore, Karnataka. In addition to her younger brother, Rishabh Hegde, who works as an orthopaedic surgeon.. Languages that she speaks fluently include Kannada, English, Hindi, Tulu, and Tamil. She was a regular participant in dance and fashion shows while attending M. K. College.

Family Members

  • Rishabh Hegde - Brother
  • Latha Hegde - Mother
  • Manjunath Hegde - Father
Pooja Hegde, Rishabh Hegde, Latha Hegde, Manjunath Hegde

Fans Asked Questions

Who is Hegde sister?

There are no sisters for her

What is Pooja real name?

Pooja Hegde is her real name But her family wanted to name her Lakshmi, as she was born on the Lakshmi Pooja Day of Deewali. She was named by her grandmother.

Who is Hegde boyfriend?

Pooja Hegde does not have any boyfriends.

Who is the father of Pooja Hegde?

Manjunath Hegde - Pooja Hegde is the daughter of Manjunath Hegde

Who is the highest paid actress in India?

Pooja Hegde is one of India's top 10 highest-paid actress

Is Pooja Hegde in a relationship?
  • Rishabh Hegde - Brother
  • Latha Hegde - Mother
  • Manjunath Hegde - Father
What is Pooja Hegde mother tongue?

The mother tongue of Pooja Hegde is Tullu

Where does Pooja Hegde born?

Pooja Hegde was born in Mumbai

What is the height of Pooja Hegde?

The height of Pooja Hegde is 1.68 meters